Gold Investment

Gold Investment: The Best and Most Profitable

Gold Investment – Precious metals and gold are practical and easy investments for everyone. Investing in gold is key for those with medium- to long-term goals, such as sending their children to a higher level or buying a home. The reason is that gold is a very promising return for at least five years, offering the advantages of being easy to monetize and tending to rise in price. Even if it decreases, the value is not large.

Generally, the gold traded on the market comes from PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) and PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera (UBS). The price difference between the two is not that big (UBS is a little lower) and the grade is the same, 99.99%. However, Antham Gold is internationally accredited and approved by the London Bullion Market Association, and UBS Gold is nationally accredited by PTUBS. However, the repurchase price is about the same.

Best Gold Investment

If you have already established an investment in gold, check out the gold investment apps below to get the best gold price.


As a market, Tokopedia also offers gold investment services. Tokopedia’s gold investment service works with Pegadaian, so the storage system is the same as investing in gold with Pegadaian. The storage system is implemented by Pegadaian and Tokopedia provides an investment platform integrated with the market.

Investing in gold can be made directly through the Tokopedia app, with a fairly low minimum replenishment amount of Rp5,000. This contract amount is then converted to the weight of gold according to the purchase price at the time of the transaction. Is there any important backing for the money invested in Tokopedia? Tokopedia guarantees that all gold purchased and invested by consumers will be stored at Pegadaian.

Buying and selling gold through the Tokopedia app is very easy and fast. Gold investment in Tokopedia is completely liquid and can be withdrawn whenever new funds are needed.

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Gold can also invest in the Indogold app. Indogold itself is an investment company that has been operating since 1978. Indogold offers the option to save money with capital not exceeding IDR 10,000.

Indogold gold investments can be monetized (repurchased) in cash or printed as pure gold bars manufactured by Antam or UBS. You can pay for your gold investment through various digital wallets such as OVO, Gopay, Link Aja, Shopee Pay and Dana to Klik BCA.

E-mas App

This application has the slogan “Invest in gold and pay in gold”. Gold can be invested from Rp10,000, which is the minimum token amount of the E-Mas app. Investors can even transfer gold to other accounts, starting with a weight of 0.02 grams. Of course, the transfer between accounts is done in the E-Mas app.

The E-Mas application also makes it easy for investors to monitor daily gold price movements. In this way, investors can know exactly when to buy or sell gold.

Buka Emas

BukaEmas is a gold investment service provided by Bukalapak, one of Indonesia’s largest markets and one of Indonesia’s unicorns. Gold can be invested in BukaEmas with a minimum token value compared to other platforms. This is IDR100 silver or about 0.0001 grams of gold bullion.

BukaEmas will also work with Indogold and Antam to ensure that there is physical gold reserve for all gold investments made in this app. Gold can be easily bought and sold at Buka Emas. Gold can be sold from 0.0001 grams and will be adjusted to the price of gold at the time of transaction.

Gold investment tips for beginners

Are you ready to invest in gold? If so, first check the gold price today.

Check the price of gold

Before buying, check the gold price today on the official website of Antam’s Gold, Pegadaian boutique, market and trusted gold shops. There is usually information on the price of gold per gram, half a gram, five grams, two grams, up to 100 grams. Compare prices and check the latest economic news, especially about gold, because local gold prices are affected by global gold prices.

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Choose your investment method

After checking the price of gold, choose the investment method. You can choose to invest by purchasing directly at Antam’s Gold Boutique or a trusted gold store, saving gold at Pegadaian, or through the market. What is the difference?

The advantage of buying gold in physical form, you can immediately take it home or store it at home. If it is in the form of saving gold, you can buy it in installments or save money according to your ability, and the saving system will convert the money into gold (grams). If you want actual gold, you have to pay the printing fee.

Whichever method you choose, investing is one way to manage finances. So that the future for you and your family is guaranteed. In addition, another equally important component of financial management is self-protection. In other words, it is advisable to get insurance with investment benefits.

This was done by the investment fund PRULink from Prudential Indonesia. An investment fund allows you to choose the premiums or contributions that are invested in different types of funds, ranging from stock portfolios, fixed income, and others. The goal is to protect insurance as well as investment.

Choose storage method

Especially for those buying physical gold, these items can be stored in a safe box at home, a safe deposit box at a bank, stored in a pawnshop, or take advantage of Antam’s LM Safeguard service.

It’s time to melt the gold

What is the right time to smelt gold? It depends on your goals. If the goal is achieved, liquidate immediately. But if you want a very attractive return, at least hold the gold for five years. Just a suggestion, you should buy gold in fractions of one gram. The reason is that small fractions are easier to dissolve than 50 grams. Happy investment and don’t forget to check the gold price today.

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